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© Melissa Jewell 2002-2003

 © Melissa Jewell 2002-2003

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September 12, 2003

Sorry for my extended period of absence.  For starters ugh... this page was truly an unlucky number 13.   It started out smoothly enough, but then it was all down hill from when something got smeared on it.  There are nasty black globs on every panel and it's going to be a bitch to fully clear this up.  >.<;  The drawings themselves proved to be far more tedious than I had imagined and I dunno... my mind just isn't working.  I have a lot on my plate right now, what with having to catch my five feral feline friends.  It's starting to get quite cold and the kittens are growing up.  They really need to come inside so they can get more quality time with people and learn how to be good little house kitties.  This of course has become my obligation, and it's quite a hard task.  So far all my attempts have just succeeded in making them hate me.  In other news my old hosting site seems to be trying to come back to life and possibly fleece me again.  It took some work but I was finally able to salvage my own domain name.  Yay! Someday Mewtopia.net will return.  I'm just glad that weight is finally off of me.  I also took some time to clam down by playing Disgaea.  Laharl kicks ass. I need to get with some cross training of my characters in that to get good replicas for ones in my story.  I mean... right now Scrue is my axe wielding warrior and Ariel's an ice mage.  Not very on the mark at all.  Oh and as you may have noticed the message board is dead... again. ;_;  Geez... this will be what... our 5th board restart?  In the meantime you can try Keenspace's. 

August 29-30, 2003

As you might have noticed I did finally get that page colored.  Now if only I could say the next was coming along smoothly.  Ah.. at any rate, I do have the translated version of that Rikou comic up now. You can find it here, July 30, 2003 on the calendar.  Why July 30th?  Well because that's my birthday and I wanted to have something posted on it.  Hey it's my comic, I'm allowed to be that foolish.

August 21, 2003

Well I've got it up now at least.  Sorry about that, if things had gone normally I could have gotten it done.  Everything was going smoothly until I got out of work.  I came home to find the kittens gone; apparently their mom had moved them while I was at work.  It was very upsetting so I made it my mission of the day to find where those kitties had gone.  While doing that some random guys came along and wanted to buy my Mom's camaro.  She didn't really want to sell it right now, and said she wanted to wait until the weekend but Dad went and sold it right from under her nose anyway.  Needless to say a big fight ensued and life was sucky here for the evening.  I spent the next few hours telling whomever I caught online about the kitten part of things, and then I scanned the comic and started the tweaking.  Now it's 6 AM and I'm going to call it a night.  The rest I can worry about tomorrow.  Hopefully things will go smoother then.  Ah, but who am I kidding?  I'm a beacon for disaster.

August 20, 2003

Well right now everything on the latest page is drawn except for one hand pose.  Ah... I could have gotten it done if I hadn't been spending so much time socializing the five feral cats (well one young cat and her four kittens) that have come to live in my backyard.  I want to get them familiar with people so I'll be able to catch them, then socialize them more and find them loving homes.  ;_;  It's a daunting task, but they are so cute!

Ah... so I ran out of time on the page, but I really do just have that little more to do.  So I'll make sure I have it for when I get home (6 PM) and get something postable by 8.  Catch you then!

August 15, 2003

Pretty typical for me.  I make a promise then things all go horribly wrong.  Ugh... it was bad enough that I didn't get a day off this week until Thursday, but on top of that I saved over the freaking' page twice and had to start back from scratch fixing things and coloring.  It was a real pain and it slowed things down on top of not having any free time.  Then I got hit with that MSBlast worm, and it shut down my computer and caused me to lose work as well as screwed up some programs that I happened to be updating at the time.  I had to spend one night prepping a CD with the patch on it because I couldn't get online to download it myself, and then I had to help my brother with it too.  I've been busy feeding a stray cat too.  She has four kittens and I feel bad for her being hungry and all alone.  I'd love to take her in, but I can't until she clears quarantine.  Can't endanger the health of my other three kitties.  There was something else that needed fixing too, but this week has pushed it out of my mind.  Bah... it's just been irritating.  Then finally I was about to finish coloring this stupid thing last night, but I found about 5 other glaring omissions I had over looked and it was already 4 AM and I decided to sleep and fix them today.


August 8, 2003

Damn am I disappointed.  The drawing was going okay, though the plotting of this page beat the bloody snot out of me.  Unfortunately at the end even the drawing turned on me and there are quite a few dodgy parts I deplore and will be redrawing in work tomorrow.  I already redrew a few things, but I have to go get some sleep.  So bear with it for now, and I'll work on it more later.  Hopefully I'll have the colored page up by Sat or Sun.

July 25, 2003

Ah... what a relief!  I got all my editing done after working all day (it took about twelve hours today to fix up all 7 panels, and about eight the night before to get all the text fixed up)!  I wanted to have the colored page up today, but I'm just too drained after all that, it's nearly six  so if I go to bed right now I might be asleep long enough to have some crazy evils dreams.  Nights always seem more fulfilling with them.  However, I'm going to make coloring this page top priority once I get home.  It shouldn't take more than two hours to get that done, and I get in around 7, unless I do anything before coming home.  No promises there, so say it might be up at 9, or if I go a bit later.  Either way it will be here by Saturday.  Good, good.  Oh yeah, and cleaned off the news page.  It was getting to lengthy.

Oh yeah and the Keenspace Forum still has to be linked here. 

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