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Ariel Palaz

Birth date:  Sept. 7, 4966 (Virgo)
Race:  Hypsidian
Age in Current story Arc:  18

Ariel, a Lysian national, left her homeland at the age of 16 to join the ranks of the Assassin's Guild in Poketa City, Alentuca.  Her strength, skill, intelligence and unorthodox methods allowed her to rise quickly in the guild until she was able to seize the coveted Premier Rank by age 17.  As top assassin she receives the highest price for her services, first picks of jobs, and the fear and respect of the rest of the guild and all of Poketa's underworld.  She's rumored to be among the most vicious and black hearted of people that the city has ever harbored and often claims herself to be devoid of practically all petty emotions.  Having no inhibitions, she enjoys many one night stands with those who meet her curious standards.  She's also said to possess a strange power beyond the known elemental types as well as other secrets she's chosen not to reveal at the time.  Her persona, whether for real or an elaborate act, is unquestionably beneficial to her career and perhaps that's all that matters.


Birth date:  Nov. 17, 4961 (Scorpio)
Race:  Lyerval (Jauktan)
Age in Current story Arc:  23

Scrue is one of Poketa's numerous vagrants.  At one time his odd appearance (he seems to be a breed of lyerval said to have been wiped out nearly 5,000 years before.), earned him the interest of a research group, but after a few years he proved himself to be not much more than a nuisance and a neurotic loser, so they gave up on him.  Not being one for respectable work, he acquires money by a mix of stealing, gambling and begging. Very impulsive, his lack of thought on the consequences of his actions often lands him in trouble with people far more dangerous and powerful than himself.  When faced with a fight he can't easily win, he'll often panic and flee instead; after all it beats dying.  Temperament wise, he's just as unstable.  By default he tends to be pretty laid back, and is fairly easy to deal with if you're not easily offended or annoyed, however he gets pissed off easily and then will lash out.  The right cocktail of psychiatric drugs would probably remedy many of his problems, but he's content to be as he is, so you'd never get him to take them.


June Collamore

Birth date:  Oct. 16, 4964 (Libra)
Race:  Kitzen
Age in Current story Arc:  20

There are only three female assassins in Poketa's guild and June is one of them.  She typically partners up with her roommate, Isis while working, as they both fare better when they mix their complimentary specialties.  June's style is sniper, so of course is a crack shot and none of her victims ever get the chance to suffer (which Ariel thinks takes half the fun out of it.)  Perhaps assassin wasn't the best job choice for her, as she's very selective about the jobs she takes, only going for the worst of the worse.  Despite this she does okay for herself, and manages to earn enough money to cover her share of the expenses for their apartment as well as provide for her kid brother, Allen, of whom she has custody.  She's far more sensible and better apt at keeping her cool than either Ariel or Isis, and is overall the best adjusted.  She usually finds herself trying to keep them from getting too worked up over things, though that's a losing battle.

Isis Polfrey

Birth date:  Aug. 28, 4962 (Virgo)
Race:  Phoecat
Age in Current story Arc:  22

Isis is the final female assassin in Poketa, and of all of the assassins she's known to be the one to get the most emotionally involved in the jobs she takes, which all have a vigilante justice theme going for them.  She particularly favors avenging crimes against women who aren't capable of punishing them themselves.  She's horrendously overprotective of anyone she cares about, and seems particularly intent on playing second mother to Ariel (which drives her absolutely crazy).  All this fussing started from how disadvantaged Ariel seemed when she first arrived; no home, no money, and barely able to speak the language (though she could write it far better).  Her and June took her in for awhile, but it wasn't all that long before she was thriving on her own.  Isis, doesn't quite seem to realize it though, or perhaps her obsessive personality just doesn't allow her to back off that easily.  Her assassination style is stealth... sort of like a ninja without all that black.


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