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Well I thought of something to put on this page, and it's actually relevant and important for the near future!  I was planning on having the story flow in an unorthodox manner, but I'm a bit curious to see how this might go over, so I thought I'd take a little poll.  Please read the following description of how I'd like things to work around here, and then reply with whether you think it's a good or bad thing.
The story of Scrued covers the lives of a family of rouges.  Like most people there are big, important times and less noteworthy ones.  Also like most people, all the good parts aren't compacted neatly into one year.  In fact, there are a few critical periods for the Scrue family which all have their own sets of characters that deserve some metaphoric "airtime".  If I was to go in strict order from Ariel and Scrue meeting until these other events, it could take years, and I'm just not that patient of a person.  That's why I'd kinda like to switch off which period of their lives I'll be working on every few story arcs or so.  Don't worry, each one will be fairly self contained, and hey, if a later development sheds new light on something from months ago, just all the more reason to read the archives.  No stories will be interrrupted mid-arc, and it'll leave me the freedom to go with what I have ideas for instead of forgetting them or getting caught at one spot, and you'll get to see all the great characters who got ripped off by not being born yet in this current story.  I think it's a win-win situation, but what about you?

Rotating Story Periods...
What do you think, Good or Bad?
Good! It'll keep things
Bad, I'll be confused. ;_;

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