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Edos World Information

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Edos and Its Solar System
The Chimerate Species
Elemental Chart


Edos and Its Solar System

Edos is one of eleven planets in a stable solar system located in the Milky Way not all that far from our own (On a cosmic scale at least).  It orbits a Sun-like star that warms the small, Earth-like planet, giving it the energy necessary to support it's wide variety of organisms.  There are two primary continents (Uesta and Aesto), as well as large collections of islands, and sub continental land masses scattered over the large oceans.  The terrain and climate vary with as much diversity of environments as is found on Earth.  Its similarities to Earth are not merely in it's physical properties, but extend to it's flora and fauna as well.  Nearly all of the life forms found on this planet are identical to ones found on Earth.  However, the role of highly intelligent sentient being is not held by homo sapiens.  In fact, no trace of traditional humans can be found on the planet; instead a race of humanoid anthropomorphic animals, the Chimerates, dominate.


The Chimerate Species

Chimerates (homo chimerae) are a race of highly intelligent humanoids.  They are essentially human on the genetic level; their genome containing the 23 chromosomal pairs found in humans.  This genetic background not only gives them their humanoid bodies, but their fully human minds as well.  They view the world in a human way, have the same range of emotions and the ability to think in abstract and creative ways.  However, they are set apart from homo sapiens by two additional chromosomal pairs (bringing their full chromosome count to 50 in 25 pairs).  It is in these pairs that the genetic information that gives chimerates their animal features as well as their elemental abilities is found.  The first pair contains the string of genes that specifies the race (species the chimerate resembles), as well as the genes which control the elemental type of the chimerates.  The second pair is made up of all the genes that code for all of the different species related traits that a chimerate may have, which ones are active in any given individual is controlled by the first chromosome.  This allows all chimerate races to interbreed (all reproduction works as it does in humans), despite seemingly large differences in their physical appearances, though societies often frown on this.  The Chimerate species is typically divided into two categories; "Eu-mammalians", which only bear traits from mammalian species, and "Demi-mammalians" which bear most of their traits from non mammalians animals.


Countries of Edos


Alentuca is the largest country in Uesta in both land mass and population (about 250,000,000).  It is also one of the most industrialized countries on the planet, and leads  in technological advances. Of all the cities, it's capital Poketa, stands above the rest.  With a population of 1.5 million it's always a bustle of activity, as well the nation's cultural and scientific center.  However, like all major cities, Poketa has a nasty crime problem, and a complex underworld operating from its slums.  The government is an elective democracy, and the population is made up of a diverse mix of different races and the religions they follow.


One of two nations sharing a large island in between the two continents, Lysia is home to one of the most long lived of societies.  It is home to the descendants of the first tribe of Hypsidians, a fact in which they take great pride.  Snubbing the other races and nations as inferior, they only have a few ports open for trade, and do not welcome visitors.  It's population is approximately 60,000,000, with about 750,000 living in its capital city of Caupi.  It's government is an absolute monarchy, where power is passed from mother to daughter, as opposed to the typical patriarchal system.  Also of note, it seems to be trapped in a stalemate war with it's neighboring country, Leukimbore.  The only accepted religion in the area is the Ancient Lysian faith, which believes that the world is in the care of 7 higher beings known as "Seraph", who each hold dominion over one aspect of existence.


Elemental Chart

All Chimerates possess the ability to convert the energies of their environment into elemental form to either use for attacking adversaries or healing injuries.  Children began to show their powers at around 4 years old, usually beginning with weak usage of their innate element(s).  The ability grows stronger with use, eventually allowing for more powerful expressions of this energy and better control over the properties it possesses (such as the heat of a fire attack, or whether it will be set more to "stun" than "kill".)  Elemental type is determined by genetics; with each parent contributing one element gene.  If these genes match, then the offspring will be purely under the influence of that element, and be subject to all the benefits and weaknesses it holds.  They will be naturally inclined to excel at this power, and likely inclined to be weak with it's opposing powers (the element that it can't effect, and the one that can't effect it.)  If the genes do not match, then the child will have a mixed elemental type, and suffer additional weaknesses for the added competence with a second element. 

Each of the 13 elements' strengths and weaknesses are 
plotted in the chart below:

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